Dr. Kalam Computing Centre

Madras Institute of Technology

Welcome to Dr. Kalam Computing Centre

Computer Centre at Madras Institute of Technology was established in 1983 with PDP 11/60 Computer System rendering service to the entire MIT campus. Subsequently in 1998 the PDP 11/60 was replaced with Desktop PC’s. This Centre provides computing facilities for all the students and faculty members in this campus with the help of high end servers and software. Dr. Kalam Computing Centre is involved in continuously providing computer skills for the first year students of all branches using languages and tools as per the curriculum in force as per the regulations.

In addition to the education provided for the students, this centre is involved in establishing and managing networking facilities, telecommunication systems in this campus. These facilities are executed with latest technologies and hardware in par with industries in a highly reliable manner. Dr. Kalam Computing Centre is entrusted with the automation of various tasks, developing and maintaining the institute website, conducting training programs for various categories of students, faculty members and employees from service sectors.

Dr. Kalam Computing Centre is functioning in the second floor of the administrative building with an area of 10,000 square feet. There are three laboratories established exclusively with computing facilities for the students and staff. Also, there are exclusive server room and telecommunication room housing servers, Core I and Core II switches, network distribution switches and SIEMENS IP-PBX UNIFY Open cape 4000 Eco server

This Dr. Kalam Computing Centre is presently headed by Dr. B. Thanasekhar.


Dr. Kalam Computing Centre shall strive towards facilitating state-of-the-art infrastructure for high performance computing solutions, communication with modern technologies, and digital pedagogical based teaching learning process.


To render high performance computing and networked storage facility to all the stakeholders of this institution.
To impart good programming skills for producing creative students and innovative researchers capable of giving efficient solutions to the real world problems.
To provide high speed, reliable, and secured network connectivity for internet access and communication.
To contribute web portal design, development, and maintenance for facilitating information sharing, and promoting day to day activities of the institution.
To develop solutions by automating institutional activities and digitizing the resources for better data management.
To train working professionals, teachers, and students on emerging areas by conducting hands-on, short-term courses periodically to enhance educational, economic, and social development.