Computer Center of MIT

Computer Center provides the computing facility for the academicians, administratives of the University. Computer Center is serving directly by way of giving internet ready systems, internet access to MIT through the campuswide computer network & Wi-Fi connectivity. The network is maintained by the Computer Center. 100 MBPS (NIC) and 90 MBPS (RailTel) [Total Bandwidth of 190 Mbps] internet leased link to MIT is provided by the service provider.

Nearly 2000 computer systems spread over all the departments, hostels, Library of the MIT are connected with the Campus Wide Network.In addition to this there exists a 8 MBPS dedicated leased line connectivity between Anna University Guindy and MIT chrompet. This is exclusively used for academic activities like video conferencing and data procfessing activities like student feedback and mark processing. Also there exist 2 MBPS dedicated leased line connectivity between MIT campus and MIT Annex.

I Year Computer Techniques classes for students of all branches, I sem 'C' Programming and Office automation Lab, II sem UNIX and Shell Programming lab are conducted. Facility to conduct Online test in the modernized lab developed under TEQIP fund.

Computer Center Conducts Courses on Programming Languages and problem solving techniques for External Organisations (CEERI, Socially Backward Classes, Govt. School Students). Lab facility ia made available beyond working hours (upto 8.00 pm). Evaluation of Faculty by students of UG and PG of all branches using the modern facility developed under TEQIP fund. Complete support of Campus Wide Network, Internet and Telephone Distribution for the entire campus setup under TEQIP fund. Computing support offered for Zonal Office & M.I.T. Mark Processing. Hands on Training offered for Non Teaching Staff and Ward of M.I.T. Staff.

Student Body Activities - Computer Society. FOSS Program in associal with AUKBC Service to Community in association with TEQIP. Training the student in programming skills for Placement. Special Coaching in Software and Hardware offered to weaker students.

S.No Name of the Equipment Quantity
1 Desktop Computers
Intel core 2 Duo Processor E4400,
1.8GHz 2MB Cache, 1GB DDR2 160GB SATA HDD
81 Nos.
Intel core i3 4130 Processor,
28 Nos.
Intel core i5 650 Processor,
DDR2 2GB 3MB Cache, 500 GB SATA HDD
18 Nos.
Intel core Processor i7-2600,
DDR3 4GB 3MB Cache, 500 GB SATA HDD
14 Nos.
Intel core i7 3770 Processor,
DDR3 8GB, 3MB cache 1TB SATA HDD
10 Nos.
2 Storage Device
EMC VNXE 5100 SAN Storage Device 1 Nos.
3 Servers
1. Dell Server - 16MB L3 cache upgradable to four processor 1 Nos.
2. Dell Server–Poweredge T30:Intel Xeon E5-2407, 2.2 GHz Processor 1 Nos.
3. Server Make:Fujistu Model : Primery RX2540Mi 1 Nos.
4. Dell Blade Server - 5 1 Nos.
4 Network switches
Make : 3 COM Model :8815 CORE 2 Nos.
Make : 3 COM Model :5500 Distribution Switch 4 Nos.
Make : 3 COM Model :4500 Distribution Switch 32 Nos.
Make : Extreame Model Sunmit x 460-24x 2 Nos.
Make Nortel Model 425-24T 4 Nos.
Make : Alliedtelesis Model : ATGES950-16 10 Nos.
5 Routers
Make : Juniper / J6350-JB 1 Nos.
Make : CISCO / J6350-JB 2 Nos.
6 Internet Security
Make : Sonic Firewall Model : NSA 560
7 Internet Service Provider
100 MBPS (NIC)
90 MBPS (RailTel) [Total Bandwidth 190 MBPS]
8 MBPS – MIT campus to main campus communication
2 MBPS – MIT campus to MIT Annex
8 Generator / UPS
62.5 KVA Generator 1 Nos.
15 KVA UPS 3 Nos.
30 KVA UPS 1 Nos.
5 KVA UPS 1 Nos.
9 Printers / Projectors
HP Laser Jet P2055D 1 Nos.
HP Laser Jet P1606DN 2 Nos.
Wep Printronix P&-500N with Pedestal Print net card 1 Nos.
Canon DR-2020U DR Scanner 1 Nos.
HP Colour Printer 1 Nos.
K-YAN Complex System 2 Nos.
Sony LCD Projector VPL-EX4 2100 lumenus XGA 2 Nos.
10 Area
Old Administrative Block: 125 sq. meter
New Administrative Block: 800 sq. meter

Various Facilities provided are:-
• Networking
• Internet Service
• Wireless Facility
• Video Conferencing
• Computer Laboratory

Campus wide networking comprise of a very high bandwidth (2G) fiber optic backbone which provides a strong connectivity nook and corner of the campus. Using this fiber backbone, VOIP phones are provided to all the departments. MIT Computer Center is serving directly by way of giving internet ready systems, to all the Departments through the campus computer fiber optic network with 10GB support under TEQIP grants to the tune of 1.25 crores. The intranet within the departments is provided with 1 GB support which is also under TEQIP Grants. Nearly 2000 systems spread all over the departments are connected to the campus wide network. Complete support of Campus Wide Network, Internet and Telephone Distribution for the entire campus was setup under TEQIP fund.

Internet Service:-
The Internet service is provided throughout the campus with wider bandwidth of 45 Mbps. To encourage ethical usage a firewall has also been installed.

Wireless Facility:-
Wireless facility has been provided in the campus with which the users can access the internet facility anywhere in the campus including Hostel area. This is made possible with out door antennas erected at major junction points. Wi-Fi hut is also present at various places which enable the students to do their research activities in natural surroundings. The NKN (National Knowledge Network) is a multi-gigabit pan-India network for providing a unified high speed network backbone for all knowledge related institutions. The purpose of such a knowledge network is for building quality institutions with requisite research facilities and creating a pool of highly trained professionals. In MIT we have NKN line of 100 mbps. 1:1 base line of 8 mbps bandwidth is available between Anna University and MIT campus which supports Academic Records Management System Entry, VOIP phones and WI-FI access. Video Conferencing:- A video conferencing Global 5 point video Conferencing has been procured under TEQIP grants for academic and administrative interactions with Ramanujan Computing Center, Main Campus, Anna University. Video Conferencing is extensively used for interaction with the main campus and other departments and is also extended for interaction with industries and external organizations. This will enable the institute to train the students in the current state of art of technology.

Computer Laboratory:-
First year computer lab classes are conducted for students of all branches. On-Line test is conducted in the modernized lab developed under TEQIP fund. Lab facility available beyond working hours (upto 8.00 pm) Evaluation of Faculty by students of UG and PG of all branches using the modern facility developed under TEQIP fund. Moodle account was set up for staff and the students which paved way for e-learning