Computer Center

Madras Institute of Technology

Welcome to computer center

Computer Center is a technology provider to students, researchers and teaching community to fulfill their computational, technological and internet requirements.

One of the major tasks of Computer Center is to equip the UG students of all branches in their first year course of study. They are extensively trained in programming skills in both WINDOWS and LINUX platform.

This Center is presently headed by Mrs. T. Catherine Bina.


Computer Centre shall strive towards being a premier in providing hi-tech solutions to the university to fulfill its computational, technological and internet requirements.


Computer Centre strives to contribute to the expansion of technology to its user’s community through educational economic and social development.

  1. By providing world class networking facility covering scam less Wi-Fi connectivity, video conferencing, e-mail facility etc.
  2. By providing web development services for the university by designing, developing and maintaining website.
  3. By developing software to the university as well as Government sectors on demand and need.
  4. By training working professionals, teachers, and students on emerging areas to improve their skill regularly conduct self-supporting short-term courses.
  5. By imparting quality education for producing knowledgeable students and researchers.